Friday, November 2, 2012

nov 2

ahh, friday. i'm so glad you made it here! :0) and the second day of a new month, too. perfect 80* weather. awesome!

highlights of the day:

we had a smooth morning, no one yelled, and we were out the door a bit early. i love pleasant mornings!

on our way back home from school, rosie said out of the blue, 'i can't wait to see grandma again. like, to live with her, not just see her. i love grandma soooo much! i love grandma as much as i love you!' oh, how i love this girl's heart. and how she understands the hope we have of eternal life in Jesus. she and my mother were so linked. :0)

stopping by our next door neighbors' garage sale & finding the exact treasure your firstborn asked for the day before. (in this case, the wooden sword & shield she'd been playing with in their yard earlier this week.) i was just so glad it was still up for grabs. it was all she'd asked for from the sale, and i was so sad we had to take her to school before we shopped it.

rosie got a tinkerbell sleeping bag for $5. stu got a spiderman sleeping bag for $5. they're both almost new, and thus far only M had had one. so now we're all set! they were so excited.

stu also got a toy trash truck he's been playing with all day. at one point in the car, rosie had it in her lap and she said to herself, 'when i grow up, this is what i'm going to do.' whatever you choose to do in life, baby girl, i'll be so proud of you!

then we went to early vote. it's the last day to do it in texas! no line, and it only took a few minutes. it was so refreshing to do my small part in telling the current president to 'stick it'.

before lunch, we played outside. it was so lovely out in the mid-60s. i'll never be able to accurately capture on film the beauty of the fall sun through our neighborhood trees. it's just so golden and sparkly and beautiful. i've taken hundreds of pictures of our street already, and i just can't capture it. it made me think that maybe that's what this life is like compared to heaven. we think life here on earth is so wonderful, but we can't even capture with our own brains how absolutely amazing heaven will be.

stu wanted to play ball with me. which consisted of him tossing a whiffle ball up in the air as high as he could for me to catch. we tossed it up back & forth to each other, and it reminded me of practicing pop-flies in baseball. i surprised myself at how many i actually caught! haha! and stu was priceless. his face--eyes wide open, head up, mouth gaping open, tongue sticking out in concentration. i got some good pictures of him that i'll put up here once i can.

i got so much cleaning and catching up done during nap time! (i'm so behind on laundry this week.) and stu slept all through his naptime! he was so pleasant after all that rest. he was a little fussy this morning.

i was so excited to see M when we picked her up from school. i missed her today! she told me she had to pull her first card today in school. i could tell she was mildly bummed about it, but she wasn't broken up, thankfully. i know she takes these things very seriously.

when we got home we played outside a bit, and again, the weather was so pretty! stu filled up his trash truck with leaves and dumped them out over and over again. M played with her sword. rosie pushed her doll in the stroller. leaves were falling all around. bliss!

we had our traditional frozen pizza friday night dinner. then we worked on cleaning up all the toys spread all over the place. i played some cars with stu and got to read a couple of books with M.

i vacuumed to finish our house cleaning for the weekend, and M helped me for a bit. then J took over for us, and he even moved all the furniture! so i finished getting the kids ready for bed since that's what he usually does at night. i learned a valuable lesson: if you're married to an OCD, wait til he gets home to vacuum. he'll end up doing it for you! haha! (not that he took over because he didn't think i was doing it right. that's not it at all. he was truly just trying to help me, and he's just plain good at vacuuming! i rarely move furniture when i do it.)

at bedtime prayer, M reached to hold my hand. then she took my other hand and layered our hands in a big hand sandwich. haha! it was just so sweet. i love this girl with all that i am. :0)

i have a few prayers on my heart today. first, i'm feeling led to lead a breakout session at my home church's women's retreat this winter. i just don't know what to speak about! i have a few things milling around in my head, but i don't know what 'the one thing' is. would you pray for me that i'd be attuned to what the Lord would have me communicate to the young women of our church?

and also our landlord shared with us that she was a bit depressed about some decisions she'd need to be making about her care in the near future, and i realized today that i've not seen her outside in about a week. i feel a nudge from the Lord to do something for her to encourage her, but i'm not sure what. we do visit with her often, either all of us or just me and the kids. but i'm wondering if i might need to make some tea cakes to bring to her to share and just chat with her, just she and i? perhaps she could use some company. and then who knows how the Lord might have us work in each other's lives?! i want to do my part to love my widowed neighbors well. they take such good care of us!

oh, how i've been looking forward to this weekend. we don't have anything big planned, which will be so nice! it's sort of the calm before the busy weekend we have coming up with my daddy's wedding festivities. my last chance to make sure we have everything that we need together. i'm excited!

i'm praying for a fun, restful weekend of togetherness for us. november is shaping up to be great!

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